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Blackjack: Basic Strategy For Splitting Pairs

Some players always split, regardless of the cards they have. On the other hand, other players never split, probably due to ignorance. Third, there are the players who do not follow any strategy or pattern and divide based on how the wind blows. In any of the three scenarios, the player is confused. And this confusion can make you lose the game (s) and of course, money.

Blackjack: basic strategy for splitting pairs

The Blakcjack has its own rules. Knowing the rules and having a strategy can lead to success in the game. In the case of card splitting, blackjack allows you to split cards and play two independent hands .

If the player gets a pair of 3, he has the possibility to play that hand or, on the contrary, decide to play two independent games. In the case of wanting to play two independent games, you must pay the same amount that was bet at the beginning of the hand. That is, if the player has bet 10 euros and decides to split, he bets 10 euros on each hand. 20 euros in total. The player must place the two separate cards for the dealer to know. In this case, the hand on the right is played first and once that game is finished, the hand on the left is played.

Basic strategy for Ace and 8

Basic Blackjack strategy specifies that whenever you hit a pair of Aces or 8 you split the game. In the case of the pair of Aces, the sum of this is 12. A truly complex hand, since it is very easy to bust if you ask for a card. On the other hand, the division of pairs grants greater possibilities of success. If it is divided, a card is asked and this is a 10, K, Q, J … you have got Blackjack. For that reason alone, taking risks is good.

In the division of Aces it is necessary to know in advance if the casino allows the distribution of one card or several. In most casinos they only allow a single card to be dealt after the division. It is a way of favoring the casino itself.

The same happens when a pair of 8 is dealt. A priori, you always have to divide. In fact, the worst hand in Blackjack is 16. The chances of losing are high and the chances of winning very low. For this reason, if you divide the chances of getting the coveted 21 points are greater. In this case it can be ordered, planted or folded.

Basic strategy for 6 and 7

Let’s imagine that the player has a pair of 6 or 7 and the dealer’s card is 2 to 7. In this case, the player must always split the hand. It is very likely that if you do not split the hand, you will get more than 21 points and lose the game.

Basic strategy for the 4, the 5 or the 10

Previously we told you that whenever you get a pair of Aces or 8 divides. Now from Secret Casino Tips we advise you otherwise. In the event that you get a pair of 4, 5 or 10, do not divide. If you think about it, the sum of two 4s is eight. Having 8 points within your reach gives you a clear advantage over the bank that can make you the winner of the hand. If the hitting is a 10, K, Q, J, the result is 18. The chances of winning the hand are high. The same happens with the pair of 5.

A pair of 10 (10, K, Q, J) is never divided. It is the greatest outrage you can commit in blackjack. The sum of two 10s is 20. The chances of winning the hand are practically 100%. It is not 100% because the dealer can get 21. So if you ever decide to split, know that the dealer rubs their hand with your decision.

Now you know why and when to divide the pairs, the strategies that must be followed to be efficient in the game. Blackjack: basic strategy to split pairs.

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